Kontron Tools and Demos

The Kontron BSPs include or provide several demo applications and tools, which can be helpful to get started and to configure your hardware.



ptool (formerly production-tool.sh) is a set of scripts used to execute tasks for production purposes, such as flashing firmware to memory, setting boot configurations or running tests. Depending on the image configuration ptool might be already installed, but not all tasks might be executable.

To view a list of available tasks, run:

ptool -h

To run a specific task:

ptool <task_name>

e.g to write a rootfs image from SD-card to eMMC:

ptool flash_emmc

Some more task names are flash_ubi to flash the rootfs image to UBI NAND flash and flash_bl to flash the bootloader.

Demo applications


A simple Hello-World application in C.

kontron-demo (QML)

A QML-based demo application, featuring a simple touch UI.

imagegestures and animatedtiles (Qt Widgets)

Two modified Qt examples to show performance of Qt-Widgets-based applications (also usable without GPU, e.g. on i.MX6UL-based HW).

Web viewer with virtual keyboard

The package webengine-vk contains a simple web browser with integrated onscreen touch keyboard. After installation with opkg (see Package Management) the application will autostart after booting. You can load a specific website or rotate the screen by running the application by launching the application manually from the command line:

> /opt/webengine-vk/webengine-vk rot 180 http://www.kontron-electronics.de

Please note that the web viewer is only capable to display a single page at the same time. No tab browsing is possible.