Below you find a description of the fastest route to executing your own application on the target hardware.

Prerequisites on the development computer:

  • 8 GB of RAM (if there is less RAM, you need to decrease the RAM in the VMware settings before running the VMware)
  • terminal application (e.g. TeraTerm on the Windows host, or screen on Linux), baud rate: 115200 baud
  • VMware Player Version >= 6.x installed
  • Kontron Electronics VMware Image (Ubuntu Image with preinstalled deveopment environment)

Used Hardware:

  • mini-USB-B to USB-A cable (Solo/Dual based boards) or micro-USB-B to USB-A cable (UL based boards)
  • USB-Serial adapter
  • Power supply (in scope of delivery)
  • Network infrastructure and network cable to establish a connection between host and target

Connecting the Board

  • Connecting the USB-debug interface to the host
    Therefore connect the Debug-USB connector on the board with the USB-Serial adapter and the adapter with a USB port of your host.
    Using TeraTerm: Launch application, select COM-port of the FTDI-chip and set the baud rate to 115200
  • Connecting the Ethernet port
    Depending on your infrastructure you might connect the board to a LAN, or directly to the host computer (e.g. via USB Ethernet adapter)
  • Connecting the power supply
    In general, when power is supplied, the device will boot from the internal flash. Watch the boot log in the terminal until finally you will see a login prompt.

Configuring the board

  • Login as user "root", no password is required
  • Set network settings temporarily with ifconfig or permanently by editing /etc/network/interfaces

Set up application

Open a project:

Build, deploy and run the application

Use the according commands in the "Build" menu or the buttons in the toolbar.