On this website you can find the official public documentation for the Linux-based software BSPs and the demo hardware from Kontron Electronics GmbH (formerly exceet electronics GmbH).

In the menu on the left side you can find some general information about the Kontron BSPs and boards.

For more specific information about the platform of your choice, please use the dropdown menu on the top of the page to switch to the documentation of a platform/BSP-version or use the following links to access important pages directly.


In most cases, the documentation covers only the very basic aspects of how to use, build, configure and setup the hardware and software for general purposes. We assume, that the reader has some background knowledge in the area of embedded Linux and it might be needed to consult other ressources.

Company Name

This documentation uses the acronym "KED" (which means "Kontron Electronics Deutschland") to refer to "Kontron Electronics GmbH", which is part of "Kontron S&T AG".

Coustomized Hard- and Software

Coustomized hard- and software is not part of this documentation. Please consult Kontron Electronics for information about your customer-specific project.


Most parts of our software and documentation are open-source. We support the idea behind FOSS and actively contribute to projects such as Linux, U-Boot and Yocto/OE.


If you work with our hard- and software or with the documentation, we would like to encourage you to contribute by reporting issues or sending merge requests. Please see Contribute for further information on how to do so.