Most parts of our software and documentation are open-source. We support the idea behind FOSS and actively contribute to projects such as Linux, U-Boot and Yocto/OE.

If you work with our hard- and software or with the documentation, we would like to encourage you to contribute by reporting issues or sending merge requests.


For a list of public repositories, please see this page on the GitLab server. You can also have a look at the Git Server Overview in the docs.

Reporting Issues

You can use the GitLab issue trackers for the specific projects to report any problems you encountered and you think should be known to KED engineers.

Contributing code changes

If you have forked one of the KED repositories and you have implemented changes that might be relevant or helpful for others, please send a "merge request" (MR) via GitLab. We will review your changes and merge them if appropriate.


We try to work with "mainline"-components wherever possible. We also try to upstream support for our (demo-/eval-) boards and modules to Linux and U-Boot eventually. If you work with one of our boards, that is not yet available upstream and you are interested in upstream support, feel free to contact us at for more information and how to work it out.