Below you find a description of the fastest route to set up your build environment for developing your first application for your target hardware.

Prerequisites on the development computer

  • a powerful PC with 12 GB of RAM or more
  • at least 80GB free space on hard disk
  • VMware Player Version >= 10.x installed
  • Kontron Electronics VMware Image
  • a terminal application like TeraTerm on the Windows host, or you can use the screen program in the linux VMware virtual machine.

Used Hardware

  • mini-USB-B to USB-A cable
  • USB-Serial adapter
  • Power supply (in scope of delivery)
  • Network infrastructure and network cable to establish a connection between host and target

Connecting the board


Depending on your board the hardware setup and configuration may vary slightly for your setup. Consult the hardware description for your board, if necessary.

  • Connect the debug console by USB interface to the host
    Therefore connect the Debug-USB connector on the board with the USB-Serial adapter and the adapter with a USB port of your host.
    Set the baud rate to 115200 baud/s, 8 data bits, no parity
    Using TeraTerm: Launch application, select COM-port of the FTDI-chip and set the baud rate
  • Connecting the Ethernet port
    Depending on your infrastructure you might connect the board to a LAN, or directly to the host computer (e.g. via USB Ethernet adapter)
  • Connecting the power supply
    Depending on the boot switches (see your board description) the device will boot from the internal flash or SD card. Watch the boot log in the terminal until finally you will see a login prompt.

Configuring the board

  • Login as user "root", no password is required
  • Set network settings temporarily with ifconfig or permanently by editing /etc/network/interfaces

Set up application

  • Launch the Kontron Electronics VMware Image
  • If necessary login with password user
  • Launch QtCreator from the icon on the left

Open a project:

Build, deploy and run the application

Use the according commands in the "Build" menu or the buttons in the toolbar of QtCreator.